Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Many Changes...

I have to start by apologizing for being MIA recently. So many things have changed for me the past few months and my access to a computer and the internet has been extremely compromised. But fear not! I am making every effort to rectify the situation and bring regular updates on my shop, Daisy's Petals, as well as on my fabulously exciting life! LOL! (If you believe that, you'll believe anything!)

Let me fill you in on what I've been up to. Here's the quick run-down...

Within the past couple of months I have broken off a 7 year relationship (and engagement), moved back t
o my parent's house, found the love of my life, went on a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota with my new man, moved in with said love of my life (who is located an hour and a half from anything I've ever known), been feverishly looking for a job in my new location, and in the meantime have been commuting that hour and a half back to civilization every day to work. To say I've been busy and stressed out is an understatement, but my life is nearly perfect now. The final piece of the puzzle is getting that job. Once that's in place, I can die happy! LOL!

So that should bring you up to speed with me. As far as Daisy's Petals goes, I've got a SALE going on for November. It's Christmas shopping season & I want to offer you a little something in return for coming to
Daisy's Petals. So.......Receive 15% OFF any order over $30 all month! (I'll refund you through PayPal). Come take a look at the unique pieces I've created & cross some names off of that list!

That's it for now. Make sure you stop by Daisy's Petals this month for great jewelry & fantastic savings! Oh - by the way, the scene pictured above is a photo I took a couple weeks ago on a hike right near my new home. How could I not be happy?